A Huge Change

I have been married for 13 years, and my wife and I have been lucky enough to have some amazing jobs. These jobs have always been secure and have paid for a lovely little house, for us to be able to afford to drive a car each and provide for our ever growing family.

The first our children came quickly after we were married. While our first born wasn’t planned, it was a fantastic surprise, and one which we both took to naturally. Like many couples, when we first married, money was a little tight and we could only afford a small home. After discovering the news that our family was going to get larger, I looked for a job with a larger salary.

I had been a sales manager in a car dealership, and while it wasn’t a badly paid job, it was commission based, and with the cost of a baby, my wife and I both agreed that a guaranteed income was now a must.

A New Job

After searching around for different jobs, I found one which caught my eye. It was still in sales, but this time working for a company which brewed beer. The salary involved a basic and commission. While it was still commission based, the basic salary was good enough for me to apply. After two interviews I got the job, all of a sudden I was involved in an industry that I knew little about. The only part of the alcohol industry I knew about was walking into a store to pick up some beers!

Sales jobs are profit driven and require results. This job involved a lot of field based work, I would have to visit small and independent stores and sell them our products. I took to the job well, and quickly forged a relationship with many of the customers. I had managed to tap into a new sector, the previous sales guys had only tried to sell to stores, and completely ignored heading straight for main suppliers and chains of bars.

Within the first year I had doubled the profit margin that was expected of me, we were supplying to huge distribution companies and many different food and drink establishments.

Another One?

Just as things were going well, we received some news that would change everything, my wife was expecting our second child. Our small two-bedroom house was going to either be extended, or we would have to move to another property.

We searched the market and found a four bedroomed house in a great area. The only problem was my salary wouldn’t quite stretch the mortgage needed for that property. I loved my new job, but maybe I would have to find something else that paid a better wage.

I discussed things with my wife, and she agreed that looking for a new job may be our only choice. The next day I went about my job as normal, and got into a conversation with one of my customers, he explained that he was looking for someone to run his bar, but wanted someone who knew about the business. Straight away I thought it could be perfect for me. He was a little shocked that I suggested myself. He agreed that I was perfect and quickly put together a financial package. My wife and I were shocked that the salary I would receive was far bigger than my sales job, and after a long and detailed discussion, we agreed that I should take the job. One major concern was that I would have to work evenings and weekends, but this turned out to work in our favour. I was able to play with the kids during the day, giving my wife some much needed rest, and work while the kids were sleeping. It actually worked out better for everyone involved.

Improving Things

The bar was great fun and we rarely received any complaints from customers. The only complaint we regularly received was from customers who smoked, we had an area outside which was a dedicated smoking area, but customers would complain it was too cold and that other bars had heating systems in similar areas. While I do not smoke, these were still paying customers, so I decided to look around for a patio heater. I found a website, http://patioheatershq.info/, and found a suitable model for the bar.

After placing it in our outside area, we have received no more complaints. Infact we have made another area outside, this one is no smoking, but supplies us with extra room to entertain more customers, and we have put plenty of heat out there.
With my new found job, a growing family and a bigger home, things are going well for us. After my experience, I would say don’t be afraid of making a change, you never know how much you may enjoy it!