Best Power Tools for Every Garage

In reference to the great Tim “the tool man” Taylor, darn right more power. In the beginning, basic tools were invented to allow tasks to be accomplished. Tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers and jigsaws. As time, has gone on, these tools have become less prevalent as bigger and badder versions have followed. Almost every tool that you can think of in the world today has a much powerful counterpart. All of which, make each job simpler and faster. However, more power means more money. Thus, it is not fair to assume that you can afford these pieces of equipment. In a tight budget, just stick to the following as they will accommodate most projects.

Miter Saw

As opposed to other saws on the market, miter saws have a distinct design of allowing them to make accurate crosscuts (against the grain) at the desired angle. Much like a circular saw, it uses a circular saw blade to produce cuts. However, the key to this tool (outside of its ability to make crosscuts) is that it is held against a fence to provide an extremely accurate cut. It also accommodates several common angles; which can be changed with the miter index. For the most precise cuts, miter saws are an ideal choice. To get your hands on one right away, visit

Cordless Drill

If you honestly only have enough money to select one power tool (or your significant other is only willing to get you one on your list), then make it a cordless drill. Their primary uses are for drilling holes inside various types of surfaces, as well as fastening several versions of screws. Think of it as a screwdriver that requires no work; with the addition of pre-drilling holes. Obviously, then, the other beneficial feature is that some (called cordless drills) are run on rechargeable batteries. Thus, you will never have to worry about excessive cords getting in your way. From there, you can pick and choose what kinds of features you want for them (such as the desire of having variable speeds).

Nail Gun

The nail gun goes hand in hand with the cordless drill. As a drill is the power counterpart to the screwdriver, a nail gun is that to the hammer. As the name so eloquently points at, a nail gun is designed to drive nails into surfaces with one press of a button. Not only does this provide a much faster solution (as opposed to manually hammering in each individual nail) but it also ensures a better result. For bigger projects (such as building a structure), this power tool can be your saving grace. In one minute time, you could realistically nail 50 nails with this gun. With a hammer, probably no more than 30. Even if you surpassed that total, you would have to account for human error.

Reciprocating Saw

Yes, another saw has crept its way onto this list. However, a reciprocating saw works differently than a miter saw. Much like the previous two entries on this list, this saw is the power version of its manual counterpart (the jigsaw). While the miter saw works with a circular saw, the reciprocating saw uses individual blades (that can be switched out for different sizes). As with a jigsaw, it is designed to cut in a push-and-pull motion. This helps accommodate for easier cuts on pieces of wood that are in tough locations. Being as portable as they are, they are also perfect for many construction projects.

Belt Sander

Traditional sanding can be a grueling process and although it can still be a pain, it is much easier to finish wood with a belt sander. All you need to do (depending on the variation you buy) is attach a piece of sand paper on the end of the belt sander and move it across the surface of the wood. If you love to build pieces of furniture from scratch, or even if you like to paint, a belt sander can be your best friend.

Do not settle for less; always go for more power! Besides how much they assist you in operation, they give you a feeling of masculinity (not implying that women cannot enjoy them) that can’t be matched.