Changing My Goal for Life Before College

There were many things that I wanted to be while I was growing up, but none more so than a famous rock star. Everyone wanted to be a singer or musician at one point throughout their lives, and several people still held on to that dream way after they graduated high school. However, I had yet to get that far and I was still unsure about what would be my calling card, if it was going to be belting out tunes or strumming them out on a guitar.

Over my high school years I really was not that sociable and did not feel the need to have many friends. I had other things to focus my time on. There was my goals of becoming a famous rock star and then my goals of video gaming. I enjoyed both, but only one would help me become famous, focusing on a talent that would put me in a band. I sought out to purchase my very first guitar. I bought a cheap guitar that had great reviews online, more info can be read before purchasing one that you prefer, but this was definitely a great buy for a beginner’s guitar.

Learning the Guitar

Like many other seniors at my school before me, learning to play the guitar had become my hobby and the subject of my senior project. I began to learn all there was about the guitar, from the strings to why it was shaped the way that it was. I learned the basic style of play for the guitar and began to create my own little tunes. After about three months trying to learn how to rock that guitar like I had seen so many of my rock star idols do, I noticed that this wasn’t as fun as I had imagined.

I began to resent my guitar and think it stupid to want to become a rock star. This changed my entire outlook on my life and my senior project. I had to choose something that I wanted to learn but something that inspired me and kept me motivated to become a better person. It was evident after I had failed to fall in love with the guitar, I needed to find something else to take my interest, something that I would enjoy doing forever.

Finding a New Path

I spoke briefly with my teacher regarding my senior project and showed her my work up until that point in time. She was impressed that I had given so much time to this project and disappointed that I would be switching my subject. I started searching for another topic that fit who I was. Finally, I realized that I enjoy gaming, “Maybe I should figure out how games are designed.” I already have a beta test account for a few different games that could provide information on my senior project.

After discussing the change with my teacher, she informed me that no one else had ever chosen to dive into how a video game was made or becoming a video game designer. Before I started to put even more time into playing video games, I looked up contact information for some of the best video game companies in the world. I was sure to take notes and create inspiring emails to send each one requesting that they assist with certain questions that I might have.

At the beginning I did not have much luck, in fact, only one company even emailed me back within the first month. The only advice that they could give me was to become an employee of a video gaming company to learn the inside details. I thought this was a great idea. Being a senior and already 18 years old, I decided to put in applications for a video game designer and tester. I did not think it would net me any kind of result, but it was worth a try. About two weeks after I put in the applications I received a call back. Not only was I able to complete my senior project and receive a 97 on it, but I also started working part time for a game company. After I graduated I was guaranteed a full time position as a tester and later as a designer. My future goals had changed, but I was still doing something I loved doing, gaming.