Changing Times – Time to Take Charge

I have always been a positive person, I like to look at things with a bright outlook and try to take charge of situations and ensure of the right outcome. I have been in the same job for three years. If I am honest I don’t particularly enjoy my job, but it pays the bills and enables me to take some amazing vacations.

I have a two bed apartment and it is decorated nicely, it has taken me a lot of time, effort and money to get the place exactly how I wanted it. My home is like my little sanctuary, I love finishing work for the day and returning home. Lots of people said that it was about time I settle down and move a new partner in, but I enjoyed my own space and didn’t have the desire to commit to a long term relationship just yet, much to the annoyance of my friends and family.

I hadn’t realised but I had found myself in somewhat of a rut. I would go to work, return home and very rarely go out and socialize. I enjoyed my time at home, but I really needed to start going out with friends and enjoying life a little.

A Night Out

I arranged for a night out with a few of my friends. It was the first time I had been out for a night in around six months. We met at a bar and had a few drinks, then headed to a night club. I never really enjoyed clubs, drunk guys hitting on you and there would always be a fight at some point. This night was no different, fighting and drunken people falling all over the place. I thought to myself that maybe I had out grown these kinds of nights out and told my friends, they thought I was crazy!

The day after our night out, I decided that I should try to get out more, but I didn’t want to go out to the bars or nightclubs and this was the only thing my friends enjoyed doing. I tried to think of different hobbies and social groups that I could join. I always enjoyed cooking so thought that I could try some night classes, this would give me the chance to meet some new friends, and learn some new skills at the same time.

Cookery Classes

A local college held night classes in Asian cuisine. I wasn’t a bad cook but I had never ventured into Asian cookery before. The first class was all about cooking rice. I had never given this task a second thought, but cooking rice was an exact science. Different types of rice required different temperatures and cooking times, who would have thought that this task could be so complicated.

It turns out that I was rubbish at cooking rice and thought that my choice in Asian cookery may have been the wrong decision. The second class taught us how to make a masaman curry. This is a Thai curry and my dish turned out really well. The teacher was very impressed but said that I should maybe look into buying a rice cooker. This was a great idea, it would solve all of my problems. I found a website,, and bought myself a mid-range model.

I had signed up for a course of ten classes, and on the third class my life changed. An absolutely gorgeous guy called Aaron arrived, he was going to be taking the remaining seven classes. The chef teaching us asked us to pair up to cook some dishes, I was lucky enough to be paired with Aaron. We hit it off straight away, we laughed and messed around like school kids for the whole class.

After the fifth class, much to my surprise, Aaron asked me out on a date. I couldn’t believe my luck!

An Amazing Date

After the usual 27 outfit changes and mad panic that I looked like an extra from lord of the rings, Imet Aaron on time, and I must admit he looked great. We had an amazing evening and not once were things awkward. I was a little worried things would be different from the cooking classes, but I was wrong.

Our first date led to a second and in turn a third. After six months of dating, I asked Aaron if he would like to move into my apartment. We were both renting apartments and his lease was coming to an end. We both thought it was a great way to save money and spend more time with each other too.

Three years on and Aaron and I are still going strong, who would have guessed that a simple night class could turn into such a life changing experience.