Exercise that stress away

It is something that you either detest doing or you love it and can’t get enough. Exercise is something that is very tough to find the balance between right and wrong for. There are people out there in this world who can complete marathons and then go back to their day as if nothing as happened. There are people who struggle to get up the stairs because of a complete lack of exercise over the past few years. Exercise is something we all know we need to do to stay fit and keep ourselves from getting ill all of the time, but in a world which moves at a million miles per hour how can you do this and what is the best method for you? Let’s take a look at three very different options.

Work Out At Home

This is probably the easiest option as all you need to do is have a home or a garden with enough space for you to exercise in. When you exercise at home there is not the pressure from others that there often is associated with the gym. You can go at your own pace and don’t have to worry about what anyone else is thinking. You will need to gather some smaller weights; an exercise mat and maybe even a medicine ball and you can start exercising almost immediately. You can work out without these pieces of equipment but we will leave that for another blog. Once you have your workout area set up then just pop on a work out DVD, use an app on your phone or simply head over to YouTube, find a workout video you like the look of and go from there. It really is that simple and you’ll have that six-pack in no time at all I promise…..Well, maybe…

Start Running

This is the next step up from working out at home because it involves going out and incorporating yourself with members of the public. The good thing about running is that it is the cheapest of all three exercise options as all you need is a pair of running shoes, some shorts and a top. No real specialist equipment is needed for this. I can tell you as the voice of experience that when you start running you will really feel it. Your chest may tighten up and the cramp you will almost certainly get in your legs will make you want to give up. Don’t. You have to power through it and I promise you that it will get better. That cramp will go, your chest will loosen up and you will really get into your stride. Once you push through the thing that runner call “the wall” you will really begin to feel the benefits. Running is one of the best all round body exercises for you and you’ll have that bum becoming firmer and those abs becoming more prominent in no time at all!

Head to the Gym

Now I know this one sounds very daunting from the off. The gym is a very scary place which is full of huge muscle-bound men and women grunting and lifting their way into the world of muscles. What you must not do is to let this put you off. What you have to remember is that all of those people had to start somewhere as well. Those muscles did not appear from thin air and at one point they were in exactly the same position as you are right now, slightly lazier than you should be but willing to do something about it. If you put the work in that they have then you will get the results quicker than expected. People in these scenarios are more often than not willing to help the gym newbies and their years of experience can come in very useful when compared to your awe at your new surroundings! They gym is obviously a very good place to get fit as this is what it is designed for. However you must not make the mistake that many do when they go to the gym and think that they are going to get immediate results. It does not work like that. If you put the effort in, you’ll get the results out.

Hopefully this small piece has persuaded you to get up and get active, so hopefully I’ll see you on the running track soon enough!