Gadgets you should have been using

Have you ever had the experience of visiting someone’s house and seeing how easy they have made an everyday task by using some gadget, that is so ingenious and obvious at the same time, that you wonder how you’ve managed to get by all this time without it? Of course you have. And now, with the combined power of the internet of things (a.k.a ‘Skynet’), and the instantaneous access to all knowledge through the internet, pretty much any household inconvenience you can imagine has been addressed and solved to a greater or lesser extent. It’s up to you to decide which of these will be of most use to you.

At one end of the scale we find devices such as laser guided scissors, which can be pointed at the exact spot you want to cut. Of course the position of the laser pointer requires you to maintain a steady hand and doesn’t ensure a clean cut as it’s independent of the blade mechanism. You might love these, or you might decide that a sharp pencil, a sharp pair of normal scissors and a steady hand were better all along.

You might then consider something like a foot tanner. It might be ideal for you if you’re complexion is usually pasty-white but you spent too long in the sun, completely naked apart from your socks. Otherwise you might decide to go for an all-over tan. Or, even more sensibly, not to bother paying to damage your skin at all.

Far away, in terms of practicality and usefulness, from those items, you’ll find some real gems. Bluetooth digital speakers to hook up to your phone or laptop, can be carried anywhere you go – in your car, hotel room, or just left at home. You can make the whole family privy to your private conversations using such a device. Alternatively, you might want to download a few bouncing tracks to your smartphone and then rock the room to its core by blaring them out through your new speakers. You can read through a bunch of reviews and choose the best ones at

Another household item which the majority of the population has survived for a surprisingly long time without, is the compartmentalized frying pan. No more having to change pans just to appease those annoying vegetarian friends that you insist on talking to. And you’ll only have one pan to wash at the end of it.

Staying in the kitchen, we can move on to the see-though toaster. Save yourself from instant electrocution by trying to prize the toast out of the toaster mid-way through to see how much longer it needs. Save your family from ingesting carcinogens as they try to swallow the black, burnt toast you gave them for breakfast. You don’t even have to get up off your stool to check it, and you can use it for different types of bread and waffles, too, which all require different amounts of toasting to get just right.

Or how about a Harry Potter-style Invisibility Cloak, for when you want to sneak about without being seen? Perhaps you got caught one too many times raiding the cookie jar, or trying to sneak out of a building with a red lantern outside. While it may sound like the stuff of fantasy novels, such devices are on the verge of becoming a reality. As soon as military top brass got hold of J.K. Rowlings’ seminal work, they ordered their top brainiacs to start work on light-bending material which, while not see through, offers the wearer a much better camouflage than traditional military camo, by reflecting the light in the area around it.

The best thing about most of the gadgets is that they can learn stuff about you, too. So, the robot which vacuums your house knows exactly where everything is in order to clean properly. It also knows when you’re out of the house so it’s safe to do the cleaning. Best of all, it can talk to the other devices in and around your house to coordinate with them to take better care of you. It won’t be long until every device around the world is connected in this way, at which point the world will run itself and there will be little need for humans at all. Thankfully, the collective mind of the gadgets will realize this and wipe humanity from the earth before getting back to its chores.