Important Things to Look for in a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Rapid technological advancements in the modern day have led to new innovations that have the changed the way of life. Robotic vacuum cleaners are some of the new innovations whose popularity has been on an upward trend in the last couple of years. These cleaners have transformed the way individuals clean their homes. They play the same role with the regular vacuum cleaners but in a different way.

They work independently without being controlled and without any input from the owner. After all, who would not want to sit down and unwind as an artificial robot cleaner cleans the house? These intelligent devices are easy to use and can be relied upon to keep the house dustless and clean even when the owner is not around. They can clean different types of floors including end-to-end carpets and hard floors.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are powered by a battery that can be recharged manually. However, some refined models can automatically recharge themselves by settling on their docking locations. However, as much as these automatic devices offer convenience and reliability, they should not replace the regular vacuum cleaners entirely.

With robotic vacuum cleaners, an individual can have a clean looking home but it would be important to vacuum with the standard vacuum cleaner at least once per week. This is because automatic vacuum cleaners do not have as much suction power as the upright vacuum cleaners to get rid of all the dirt from the floors, especially the carpets.

Different robotic vacuum cleaners are best suited for different types of cleaning. The type of floor an individual will be cleaning should play a part in determining the type of robotic vacuum cleaner he or she should buy. One can find out more information with regard to floor types and the best robotic vacuums for such floors from sites such as Vacuum Fox among others.

Before buying an automatic vacuum cleaner, there are a number of important considerations that an individual should take into account. This is because the wide array of options available in the market come with different features. Therefore, an individual should choose a robotic vacuum cleaner that best meets his or her cleaning needs. One should know exactly what he or she wants the vacuum cleaner for and choose the model with the right features to satisfy those specific needs.

This article highlights some of the most important things to consider before choosing a robotic vacuum cleaner;


The quality of the battery in a robotic vacuum cleaner is one of the most important features a buyer should consider. The best type of batteries ensures that the vacuum cleaner can clean continuously for a prolonged period. One should also consider the time it takes to fully recharge the battery. Quality batteries can be fully recharged within a shorter period than standard batteries, usually in less than four hours.


A good robotic vacuum cleaner should be able to clean the house with minimal noise to allow the homeowner to focus on other things. With a quiet vacuum cleaner, one can easily read, watch television or speak over the phone without being interrupted by noise from the vacuum cleaner.

Additional features

Some of the robotic vacuum cleaners come with additional accessories that make it easy for them to do their job. For instance, some robotic cleaners come with sensors that detect walls or stairs. However, if an individual’s home has numerous crevices or corners, they may need an automatic vacuum cleaner with virtual walls. Virtual walls help to restrict the access to certain areas of the house such as the home office or pet rooms. Other extra features that may improve the efficiency or performance of a robotic vacuum cleaner include a remote control, additional side brushes, and cleaning brushes among others.


Robotic vacuum cleaners come in different sizes. Therefore, an individual should choose the size that best fits with his home. For instance, if one has low furniture, buying a larger automatic vacuum cleaner with a large diameter would mean moving the furniture out of the way if they are in the cleaning path of the robot. Smaller sized models can crawl into more areas meaning they can clean even the tightest spots. However, the only downside to the smaller models is the capacity of their bin.

In summary, when it comes to buying a robotic vacuum cleaner, an individual should go for quality and satisfaction so as to get good value for their money. With so many options in the market, it is important to gather as much information as possible so as to make an informed decision.