Insider Hacks for Looking and Smelling Fresh

There’s a reason that people use words like “dirty” and “stink” to describe people’s characters. It’s because we are quick to assign negative characteristics to those we believe to be unclean. This doesn’t mean that the guy who has just finished fitting a new engine into his car will be judged as a bad person because he has oil marks on his clothes and his hands are grubbed up. But if he still has the same marks on him tomorrow, people are not going to be impressed.

Being clean and fresh and appearing so to others does wonders for the impressions people have about you. Clean looking skin, a bright white smile and a fresh aroma tell people that you are honest, straightforward, trusting, reliable, diligent and all sorts of other things than you may or may not actually be. But staying fresh all the time can be difficult, especially in hot and humid climates. You may have felt like a spring bunny when you left your home this morning in your new suit, but after walking in the heat and sun and having to sit next to a smelly person on the bus, when the air conditioning stopped working means that you already look like you need to take a shower by the time you arrive at that job interview. So let’s look at how people stay fresher for longer.

The first thing you need to do is shower regularly. In hot climates you may find yourself taking quick showers three or four times a day. Use body soap with a soft and natural fragrance. Use a natural shampoo and conditioner regularly, too, in order to stop your hair from appearing too oily. Spending all day outdoors in a hot and humid country can make it look like you washed your hair with cooking oil if you don’t take care of it properly.

One great tip which you should definitely look into is to find out whether your water supply is hard or soft. If you are using hard water it will give your hair a dry, straw-like texture and you’ll find it difficult to work up a lather using your shampoo and soap. If that’s the case, then find a water softener which suits you from SoftWaterFiltration. Not only will you start looking and feeling much better, you’ll be saving money on washing products, too.

After you’ve showered and dried off, use a facial cleanser to wash your face again, this will help smooth your skin. Don’t forget to use moisturizer and lotion – you can carry these with you so as never to get caught out.

Make sure you regularly visit your salon to keep on top of your hair. You don’t want frayed ends appearing or to have it start looking too long. Make sure your stylist eliminates stray hairs, including any penetrating from your ears or nose. For men, keep on top of your facial hair. There is a fine line between designer stubble and dropout fluff. Aim to pay a visit every three weeks or so, that way you’ll permanently look great.

Pay attention to your nails and treat yourself to a manicure and a pedicure from time to time. Don’t go overboard on varnish. The more subtle and simple, the better. You can also apply this maxim when doing your make up. Don’t cake it on, it just looks like you are trying to cover up your face. You don’t want people to consciously notice your make up, so just use a little foundation and blusher if you need to, along with a subtle lipstick which enhances your natural color.

Wash your clothing with fragrant soap and conditioner and allow it to dry in the breeze. Make sure it’s thoroughly clean and use fragrant water when ironing. People love it when your clothes smell good. You should use a very subtle, fresh smelling antiperspirant which you can take around with you and then spend a bit of money to get a deep, enigmatic perfume or aftershave. Don’t try to overpower people with it, it should only be noticeable at an arm’s length, but it should instantly grab people’s attention.