Low-Impact Home Exercise Equipment

Leading a healthy lifestyle requires a lot of commitment. Eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis is a must. Keeping your body in good shape not only gives you a stunning physical look but also prevents you from some conditions associated with unhealthy lifestyles. Well, having said that, workouts are diverse, and anyone can find one that suits him or her depending on their lifestyle and health condition. For instance, if you are obese or suffering from joint or back pains, your workouts should be low-impact to avoid straining those parts or putting yourself at a higher risk of doing yourself more harm than good.

Impact refers to the force with which your body comes into contact with the ground when you exercise. Luckily for people with joint or back pains, there is a variety of low-impact exercise equipment that they can rely on for their workouts. Low-impact exercise machines enable you to have a functional and safe workout without worrying about any consequences as it is the case with high impact training equipment. However, one of the challenges experienced by most people is to differentiate between low-impact and high impact exercise machines. Whether you are buying it for yourself or looking for one in your local gym, this article examines some of the most common low-impact exercising machines to help you pick your perfect match.

Elliptical trainer

Elliptical machines represent one of the best low-impact machines to help you get in shape without putting too much pressure on old injuries or weak joints. It is quite popular in the modern day, and you will find it practically in every gym. It simulates running only that your feet remain on the pedal with your hands holding on to the handles. Motion is created by moving your legs and arms back and forth to imitate cross-country ski experience. However, other models only require you to move your feet. Since your feet are always firmly on the pads as you exercise, there is no impact created at all. Some elliptical trainers can be adjusted to simulate flat-ground jogging, uphill sprints, or anywhere in between. Whereas there are elliptical options for your home gym, they are mostly of lower quality, which makes those found in gyms more viable.

Rowing machine

Rowing is another low impact workout that can make you break a sweat without hurting your delicate joints. Rowing offers intense cardio workout and works for both the upper and lower body simultaneously. When rowing, the feet are firmly placed on the platform with both hands holding on to the handles as you sit on a seat that slides backward and forward. The rowing motion created during exercise causes minimal impact to the body hence you can’t break your skeleton. However, the action causes a substantial impact on your back muscles and cardiovascular system. Rowing machines come in different styles and designs to suit unique user needs. You can check and compare different models and read reviews at Home Rower among other sites.

Stationary bikes

These exercise bikes offer the same feeling and action as if you were riding a real bike only that you remain at the same spot, whether at the gym or in the comfort of your home. If you are a cycling enthusiast, the weather may not always be favorable outdoors. Nevertheless, no matter how much it rains or how much snow falls from the sky, you can always achieve your daily cycling targets indoors with a stationary bike. The best part is that you can adjust the resistance to simulate different landscapes and all this comes with no impact whatsoever. For individuals with lower back pain, a recumbent exercise bike would be an ideal option for them. Unlike the standard stationary bike whereby you use in an upright position, a recumbent bike allows you to exercise from a horizontal position with the pedals out in front of you.

Stair Machine

Stair machines represent another low-impact workout machine and come in two types, climbers, and steppers. Climbers resemble a small staircase whereas steppers are characterized by platforms where you place your feet and also handles for holding on to for balance. With the steppers, the motion is created by lifting the platforms up and down to simulate climbing stairs.  The resistance is adjustable, and there isn’t any impact.  With climbers, the steps keep revolving around, and you are supposed to step up each step to create motion. There is minimal impact created on the climbers because you happen to step in a vertical plane.


The machines highlighted in this article are perfect for burning calories and keeping your body in good shape. However, they are also ideal for low-impact exercises helping individuals with injuries or various health conditions to stay in shape without putting too much strain on the body. Also, most of these machines can be adjusted to varying intensity, speed and angles to match the individual needs of different users. They also make perfect options for low-impact home exercising machines, thus helping you stay in shape irrespective of the weather outdoors.