Starting Spring Cleaning Early, but Keeping it Continuous

Many people believe in spring cleaning or deep cleaning their home at least once a year, near the spring season. This just does not work for a household with two cats, two dogs, two adults, and three kids. I have to clean everything on a scheduled basis in order to get to it at least three times a year. Even that is not enough, if you ask me, because it continues to build up even as soon as I have left the clean room behind.

At the beginning of the year I start with the bathrooms. In March I switch to the living areas, and then in May I complete the bedrooms. I could easily spread it across the month and do a different bedroom each week or wait until the last week of the month to clean, but it gets done. I start back in July with the bathroom, and repeat my process every other month. This seems to be a better schedule than having to clean the entire house in a week during “spring cleaning.”

Deep Cleaning My Bathrooms

I try to deep clean my bathroom at least once every few months. This deep clean consists of removing everything from the walls and cleaning the walls with warm soap and water, sometimes with added bleach. I start with my guest bathroom, or the bathroom that the kids frequently use, and end up in my bathroom, or the master bathroom.

It takes about thirty dollars’ worth of extra items in order to deep clean the bathrooms. I go through about two bottles of bleach, and even more soap and water. I have to do one bathroom at a time because if I do not it will be too overwhelming to be in there after using so much bleach. I make sure to have the other bathroom accessible for at least 24 hours before beginning on that one.

Removing Rust Rings from Toilets

We had moved into a new house recently and I was upset over the bathroom being not clean enough. The bathroom had rust rings in the toilets and around the sink and tub faucets when we first moved into the home. There was built up grime on the shower walls and some of the floor needed to be replaced. We started simple, we searched water softener reviewsto find the best softener to use in our water lines. Thankfully we came across one that had been given mostly positive reviews with actual testimonials that show before and after use results. We knew that this would help level out the iron in our water and prevent rust rings from returning.

After a few weeks of allowing the water softener to do its thing, we began to start cleaning the toilets each day. Over time the rust did seem to come off, but it has not completely gone away. We will continue to work on it, but there are other things that needed our immediate attention, such as other deep cleans for rooms in the home.

Finishing Up the Deep Clean

There are a few things that I like to do when I’m leaving a clean room, one of them is lighting a candle. It’s always a great thing to smell a nice smell when you walk into a clean room. I liked being able to see the clean room within the candle light, with the main light off. It gave me a proud feeling, as if I had done something amazing, even though I knew the next day it would like a tornado plowed through it.

I try to keep the calendar filled with when I have finished a task or a deep cleaning episode. I make sure to label the day and say which room was deep cleaned. This helps me keep track of when I last cleaned the room, but it also helps me to determine if I need to clean the room more frequently or if it is staying cleaner longer. My husband helps me a lot with some of the deep cleaning but he still believes that I have a slight OCD problem. I believe I just have a need to live clean.