Street Survival: Fending Off Attackers With Boxing

There are various opinions regarding the reliability of boxing in a typical street fight. Some would tell you that boxing is extremely efficient for dealing with an attacker. Others would say that the sport’s applicability is quite limited to specific situations. Now, you are wondering if boxing is even worth learning as self-defense. Well, one must analyze the strengths and weaknesses of any particular thing before making their judgment.

Agile Footwork, Powerful Strikes, and Smooth Reflexes

Boxers have lean, nimble, and strong bodies. If you box, chances are, you could do well in moving around quickly to avoid getting hit. Also, your punches would pack so much force that a clean hit can knock an attacker out. Furthermore, your reactions to an opponent’s moves will be coordinated and smooth. All of these characteristics are your strengths, so you have to make the most out of them.

Never Get Grabbed or Pinned Down

Boxers specialize as standing strikers, so their techniques are most effective when standing upright. Because of this reason, you should never let someone push you to the ground and get on top of you, or else you would most likely lose. Also, you will have a hard time landing a blow if someone disabled you through grappling. Make use of your quick, precise footwork to avoid being grappled or pushed down. Then wait for an opening before you unleash a deadly punch.

Ganging Up on You

Boxing is a dueling sport, so it works best for one-on-one situations. When street fighting, there will be a lot of instances in which multiple attackers will surround you. Do not panic and keep yourself aware of your surroundings. The same case of not allowing yourself to get grabbed or pushed to the ground, but now you have to focus on more than one opponent. At best, you can try to knock them out one at a time, or if not, you can just run away.

Against an Unarmed, Untrained Opponent

You already have an edge if you had undergone boxing training. Most likely, you can quickly knock out an opponent with a punch to the face or gas them out with a body blow. Furthermore, you can easily dodge their attacks with agile footwork or endure their hits with durability. You should not get too confident though. As long as you do not do something stupid, you will most likely win.

Battling a Trained Fighter

You have to be careful at this point. Depending on your compatibility with the opponent’s fighting style and skill level, you may either win or lose. You can probably win against opponents that cannot counter lateral movements. Against ground-fighting specialists like wrestlers, you will instantly lose if you get pushed down. Overall, you have lower room for mistakes, so you need to fight carefully.

Fending Off An Armed Opponent

Now, you have to be careful, or else you will surely get beaten up. If the attacker is using a melee weapon, then try to keep yourself out of the weapon’s range with your quick movement. And only try to attack when your opponent shows an opening. If the opponent is using a gun, then do not even bother fighting, unless you can quickly land a blow or make them release the weapon. Remember, it never hurts to run away to save your own life.

Starting Out In Boxing

If you still haven’t started boxing, then do consider taking it up if you are interested. For more information about boxing near London, check out London Fight Factory. A lot of gyms offer training in traditional boxing, so just find one near your place.


Boxing can be effective for street fights, particularly if it is one on one. Boxers are fast, lean, and powerful, so you can knock out an opponent quickly as well as dodge their attacks. However, boxing has bad compatibility in ground-fighting, so you must avoid being grappled and pinned down. Boxing is compatible with certain opponents but does badly against grapplers. Overall, boxing is effective for self-defense, but it will do badly in certain situations.